Project Design


What is my Intended Project?

  • To create an engaging 2D/3D animated music video.
  • I will explore the different ways in which 2D and 3D animation can be integrated together seamlessly to create a visually engaging narrative. An exploration into Matte Painting, Environment Design, Character Design, and Sound Design will also be crucial for the successful completion of this project.
  • I will be investigating how music videos can add another layer of depth to the meaning behind songs. And how these meanings are expressed visually to the audience.

Contextual Areas

  • The animated music video follows an abstract narrative, depicted through the point of view of Roseanna (protagonist & singer of the song).
  • The musician, Roseanna, collaborated with members from Split Endz/Crowded House, so holds cultural value & significance.
  • The genre of the song ‘Birds’ could be described as an acoustic lament, and this feeling of sorrow and dissatisfaction with the way people live their modern lives carries across into the narrative. Which can only be described as a Drama, with an element of Fantasy due to the abstract visual metaphors that will feature.
  • The visual style for this project is largely inspired by animation Pop Culture such as Disney, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli. I have also drawn specific inspiration from the short film ‘Paperman’, the bands ‘Of Monsters & Men’ and ‘Gorrilaz’ music videos, and the animation of Ryan Woodward.

How Will I Achieve My Project Goal?

  • Software I plan to use includes: Photoshop, NDO, Maya, After Effects, Nuke, Toon Boom.
  • The skills required to work with these software and produce my desired outcome involve: 3D lighting and rendering, digital painting, traditional cell animation, compositing in AE and Nuke. All of these are skills I have experience in, some more than others. Through producing this animation I hope to end the project with a much deeper understanding of both the software and the creative process.
  • Potential challenges I will face during this project will most likely be around time management and sticking to my schedule. Another issue will most definitely revolve around render times. Both of these potential challenges can be tackled by breaking down the animation into sections/scenes, and sticking to milestone goals throughout the rest of the university year.


Equipment Request


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Nuke
  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • NDO
  • Toon Boom

Physical Equipment:

  • Light Table
  • Cell Animation tools (paper, paper holder)
  • Scanner
  • Canon 5D (to shoot reference footage, and create a project gallery of photo textures & 2D assets)
  • Tripod (my own)
  • Computer (my own)

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