Initial Concept

My initial idea for my final project is actually something I have been intending to produce for a couple of years now. In 2012, when I was attending various university open days, I won a CD of young New Zealand musicians. One track in particular really grabbed my attention for it’s unique sound and meaningful lyrics, and I began forming visual ideas in my mind right then and there. I knew this was something special, something I would absolutely have to work with someday… and now that chance has finally come!

‘Birds’ by Roseanna Gamlen-Greene is whimsical, abstract, and hauntingly beautiful. If there is anything I love most about undiscovered talent it is the complete rawness of their work, and how they shamelessly present you with glimpses of their soul. Listen to any of Roseanna’s songs and I can guarantee your spine will tingle!

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I often feel like the open honesty she presents in Birds is lost on most popular singers, and the songs that they produce. Which is why I had an email to Roseanna sitting in my Drafts for two years (thank goodness she said yes when I finally sent it!). I truly believe she has a gift, and a lot of powerful messages to share with us. It is an absolute privilege to have her exclusive permission to produce this work.


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