In Class Manifesto

First day back at university, for the last time.

(Gee, doesn’t that sound ominous… No need to panic though, this is simply the last year I plan to dedicate to a tertiary institution. Perhaps not forever, I might change my mind in the future. But I am 20, I want to get out of Auckland, get out of New Zealand, see a bit more of the world. You know, crazy young person things.)

Anyway… it was the first day back at university, for the last time.
I expected the typical routine of handing out course plans, long winded speeches about the importance of the year and the assignments. I wasn’t disappointed, the whole first week was full of them!

What I did not expect was to spend the first day writing a manifesto about myself! Despite my initial shock and anxiety, I was secretly glad not to partake in verbal ice-breaker activities a la first year. It was actually a really enjoyable exercise, and brought back fond memories of Design class in High School. I had an internal debate the entire time on whether to be humorous or stick to professional seriousness. I spose you can already guess what I went for, based on my waffle so far…

So here she is, my initial (and slightly rushed) manifesto made entirely during class. Of which I was disappointed nobody ended up seeing (hence this post).


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