Oro 17 Music Festival

By chance, we won a double pass to the very first ‘Oro’ music festival in Woodhill Forest. The headliners for the festival this year were Underworld, but that isn’t who drew our attention. We are longtime fans of Feint, a UK ‘drum N bass’ musician whose music we jam out to in the car on the regular.

To say we were excited that he was in New Zealand is an understatement! We were so ecstatic, even mentioning our love of him in our Facebook entry to win the double passes. That we ended up winning was total synchronicity, and we couldn’t believe it when we finally saw him in the flesh!

Feint’s performance was the highlight of the festival for us, and our favourite moment of the whole night was when he dropped his track ‘Time Bomb’ – a song we have listened to repeatedly since the beginning of our relationship. It was insane!

Other performances on the night included; DJ Phil Hartnoll, Dave Seaman, Evil Needle, and DJ Dubhead. As well as a strange lineup inclusion of ‘Jeru the Damaja’ whose music genre and chauvinistic performance felt extremely out of place. This resulted in some booing from the audience, and multiple shouts to “get off the stage”.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Oro had some unique food options we hadn’t tried before, including vegan-Mexican-loaded-fries of all things! However, we were unable to find the names of the stallholders. They were all fantastic and we barely had to wait for our food.

Our fuel for the entire festival consisted of:

  • Gourmet Hot Dog
    European-style sausage with tangy sauce and salad, encased in a French-style bun. It looked really unexciting but was full of flavour and kept us going for the first part of the festival.
  • Loaded Mexican Fries (Vegan)
    The most amazingly fresh fries topped with; Mexican style salsa, tomato, jalapeno, nacho chips, and vegan (bean-based) sour cream swirl. This was by far my favourite, and kept us full for the rest of the night!
  • Hot Chocolate
    Fairly standard, nothing to write home about. It kept our hands warm on the walk back to the car from the bus drop-off.

We brought a packet of almonds and water bottles with us in our backpack. Our bottles were emptied on arrival by staff, but there was plenty of water available to refill them throughout the evening.

You can find out more about the festival at orofestival.co.nz

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