Felines Over Valentines

Rest In Peace, Oscar 💕

Today, Dad found my cheeky boy curled up as if asleep, his little spirit already somewhere peaceful.⁠

He was my best bud from the start of High School until the day I moved out. He was always down for a cuddle, and always down for food. Which I completely related to.⁠

Oscar got me out of bed on days when I wanted to disappear under my duvet. He would climb up to the second story, and like Romeo to Juliet, call out until I got up and opened the window for him. (Although, his insistent meowing was far from romantic!)⁠

His talents included; sleeping, eating, drooling, catching rodents and rabbits, and leaving perfectly placed muddy footprints all over your cars windscreen 👌⁠

I know his little heart was broken when Hannah and I moved out. (He had never handled us going away on holiday that well). He wasn’t quite the same cat after that, and was affectionately given nicknames of ‘Chungus’ and ‘Scabbers’ 😂⁠

Sleep in peace my faithful friend 🐾 ⁠
I will miss you always xx

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