Back to the old grind

For the moment I am back at university, for my second year of my Digital Design bachelor. I was quite apprehensive about this year starting actually, there was something so sweet about the first year… all that freedom to work on your own ideas, and not yet having to face too many harsh truths of the industry.

But I’d rather not dwell on that too much, instead, I have been working hard to develop my status as a creative individual…

📍 The Shelf, High Street, Auckland CBD

Which I have been getting nothing but good vibes about, and tons of support from family and friends which is great too. They say it doesn’t matter where the staircase goes, so long as you are going up it. I can’t wait to find out where this one is heading!

And to finish off with my last piece of news, one of my papers for my first semester is involving working as concept artists for an actual film! So exciting, despite some of its content which is visually disturbing (as it is a horror film), I am looking forward to getting some real-world experience.

📍 The Shelf, High Street, Auckland CBD

In fact just the other day I showed my lecturer some of my concept sketches and he turned, looked right at me, and said: “You have a real talent for this”. Which blew me away, because he isn’t usually the lecturer I expect to hear that from!

Ahhh on such a buzz right now, creativity is flowing like water, I hope this energy can maintain throughout the rest of the year too.

I can’t believe it is going to be April soon!

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