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Kia ora, I’m Naomi, a multi-media creative based in New Zealand. 
My blog started as a way of documenting and sharing my university projects with overseas family and potential employers. Since then it has evolved, alongside my creative practice, into a freelance profession.
As a young girl I drew fairies, princesses, and fantasy beings. I don’t think much has changed since then – well, at least not the subject matter! It doesn’t matter if I am working in; acrylic, digital, or pencil, whatever I produce tends to have some influence from the fantasy genre.

Here on my website you will find all kinds of artwork, film projects, and photography. I hope that by sharing what I love and create I can inspire, and give confidence to other artists to share their gifts with the world too.

To those who have been following my journey from the start, and those who are new to it, thank you so much for all your love and support.

Have a question or keen to collaborate?

  • Moments from the journey ✈️⁠⁣
If you are after the full video with sound you can find it in my bio and over on @casperandnaomi⁣
I feel so immensely grateful that @casperbialek and I planned our trip when we did. We took enough footage and pics to last us this whole year (which is just as well coz international travel in 2020 has been... well, I don't need to say... #Covid19 😅). ⁠⁣
Reminiscing and laughing at cheesy travel memories with your people is good for the soul 💕
  • I'm always so quiet on here, and a lot of that stems from imposter syndrome. Which is a story for another time. ⁠
Right now, I just wanted to say a shout-out to those that have been checking in on me during lockdown. This post is a result of their support ❤️⁠
This is a still and some before & after shots of a video I edited for @casperandnaomi (our passion project)⁠. I love editing, and creating travel videos with Casper enables me to flex my creative muscle outside of my 9-5.⁠
I wanted to share this as I've noticed there's a lot of social pressure to be productive during lockdown. Whilst I realise this is with the most positive of intentions, it can be pretty detrimental to a lot of people.⁠
I thought I would finish editing our video in one week, instead, it took four. Consequently, I beat myself up for not working hard enough. Despite having worked on it daily.⁠
Having a hobby and a passion doesn't necessarily mean you have to produce a masterpiece every day, but to enjoy the process and little things along the way.⁠
That said, sometimes a good day in lockdown is successful simply because you practised self-care ☕🛀📔⁠
Stay safe and be kind, especially to yourselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup ❤️⁠
Aroha nui⁠
PS. For those who would like to see the full video, the link is in my bio + over on @casperandnaomi
  • In the end what matters most is
How well did you love
How well did you live
How well did you learn to let go
☀🌊 #Hello2018 📸 @casperbialek
  • Now here's a view I hope to see more of soon!

I've just put up another wee travel vlog over on YT, link is in my bio if you wanna check it out 🗻

Any future destination recommendations? (NZ or abroad 😉)
  • Happy Halloween 👻 Here's a close up of some ogre bogeys for you! xx
  • An abandoned fairy workshop 😉🍄🍀⚒✨
  • Entranceway goals 💀🏹🔥 #dragonlover #tb
  • Fuel for the road, with @casperbialek 👅
Have a great Labour Weekend folks! 🇳🇿
  • Seaside escape ☀
  • After spending a few days exploring the streets of New Plymouth, I quickly fell in love with the street art - it's everywhere! 💫 
Auckland needs to step up it's game!
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